JBL’s rich acoustic and design heritage shines in the new JBL Authentics range

New trio of WiFi speakers brings the power of JBL Signature Sound and the latest tech innovations into the home

Berlin – 30.09. 2023 HARMAN International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., focused on connected technologies for automotive, consumer, and enterprise markets, is once again pushing the envelope of acoustic excellence and iconic design with the launch of the JBL Authentics range of home speakers. Equipped with a host of cutting-edge technologies, Authentics is inspired by JBL's remarkable heritage and the latest consumer trends delivering optimal performance and maximum listening enjoyment.


As a pioneer of cinema, studio, and live concert sound, JBL enjoys an acoustic legacy that is second to none. For more than 75 years, JBL has been amplifying music's power to make listeners feel more connected and more alive. A key player in some of the most iconic events and venues in music history, beloved by professionals for the quality of its sound and by consumers for the immersive thrill its products deliver, JBL has consistently produced groundbreaking technologies that shape the way we listen.


Acoustics excellence with spatial audio powered by JBL & Dolby Atmos®

Among today’s most powerful audio trends is consumers’ desire for sound quality that can provide a true sense of immersion.

In a recent HARMAN survey, respondents rated the importance of audio quality as 8.2 out of 10. When it comes to understanding why this element is so important to them, 75% claim it enables them to feel all the emotions transmitted by the music, 75% said that high quality audio helps them concentrate or relax, and 74% said that it allows them to hear the full range of instruments or melodies. Moreover, 83% said they felt a more profound emotional effect with better sound quality.


Drawing on its long history of producing epic sound, and its unrivaled expertise in professional audio, JBL designed the Authentics range to be an acoustic powerhouse, incorporating professional-grade technologies into all three speakers for a result akin to bringing stadium sound into the living room.


The most recent and promising audio trend is spatial audio, which provides a true sense of immersion. JBL has been a significant contributor to the rise of spatial audio, developing exclusive technologies that deliver 3D listening experiences far exceeding the stereo sound of the past. With the JBL BAR Series soundbars, JBL leveraged its sonic expertise to deliver a truly thrilling 3D cinematic experience, thanks to proprietary MultiBeam™ technology. Likewise, to integrate spatial audio into its QUANTUM gaming headphones, JBL developed the groundbreaking "Hyperion Sphere" to simulate sound fields around a user and ultimately create an uncannily accurate sense of being in the game.


With JBL Authentics, and more specifically the Authentics 500, JBL leveraged its longstanding partnership with Dolby, integrating their Dolby Atmos encoding standard, which is deployed to deliver immersive audio via one or many speakers. This model also features HARMAN-patented Constant Sound Field technology, combining DSP and a unique acoustic structural design to achieve a wider sound stage and a bigger sweet spot for constant, immersive sound throughout the listening area.


Setting new standards in consumer experience with multi-assistant feature

Voice activation is one of the most popular features in audio devices today, playing an important role in 85% of European homes, according to our survey. JBL Authentics offers a new integration built in collaboration with Amazon and Google that provides customers simultaneous access to their voice assistants on JBL Authentics speakers, allowing customers that choose to register both assistants to communicate with either Google Assistant or Alexa at the same time on the same device. With Google Assistant and Alexa available simultaneously, customers have the choice and flexibility to communicate seamlessly with both voice assistants and take advantage of their different capabilities, and switch between them for different activities. Use either voice assistant to play your favorite music, control your smart home devices, setting timers and alarms, and more, hands-free, using just your voice. Just say “Hey Google,” or “Alexa” to get started.”



Designing Authentics

More than ever, today's consumers are hungry for products that have meaning. This partially explains the popularity of vintage design. 64% of respondents to the same survey indicate that design is important, while specifically vintage design is important for 55%. Moreover, 64% agree that design is critical in creating an immersive and elaborate audio experience. In light of JBL's veritable treasure trove of acoustic heritage, the brand's designers had a remarkable wealth of inspiration from which to draw.


The Authentics range features discreet echoes of heritage from the retro design era of the 1970s and stunning details that flow from its truly unique history. The phenomenally popular JBL L-100 home speakers inspired the vintage-like design of the Authentics range, while contemporary forms, materials, colors, textures, and finishes were inspired by fashion and lifestyle. The result is a look that seamlessly combines past and future, featuring symbolic elements like the Quadrex grille pattern that helped make JBL L-100 speakers iconic. It is reimagined and extended with softer flowing edges and a subtle convex form that calls to mind the outward push of powerful sound waves. The distinctive JBL PowerLine frame adds an unmistakable touch of quality to the devices. Even the control panel has a satisfying tactile feel. Sustainability is literally built-in to the new Authentics range as well, with cabinets and handles made from recycled aluminum and many internal parts made from recycled plastic.  

"The JBL Authentics range finds inspiration in JBL’s rich past, revisiting some of its most iconic designs for a new generation of consumers seeking authentic, meaningful experiences. Three years in the making,

JBL Authentics does what JBL does best – meet listeners where they are with the superb sound, innovative technologies, and engaging design," said Carsten Olesen, President of Consumer Audio at HARMAN.


Experience the Heart of Sound Video

Discover the Heart of Sound, and dive into the captivating world of music powered by JBL’s seven decades of unmatched sound quality and design here.

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I over 75 år har JBL været med til at forme mindeværdige øjeblikke i samspillet mellem musik, livsstil, gaming og sport. JBL løfter lytteoplevelserne til nye højder med fantastisk lydkvalitet og produktdesign, der fremmer individualitet og selvudfoldelse. Med en passion for lyd bidrager talentfulde ingeniører og designere til høj kvalitet og brancheførende innovation over hele kloden, som gør JBL til en pioner i lydindustrien. JBL Pro Sound er den førende teknologi, der skaber kulturel fremdrift på tværs af lande gennem store populærkulturelle begivenheder og partnerskaber med verdens toptalenter inden for musik, sport og e-sport.


HARMAN (harman.com) designer og udvikler internetforbundne produkter og løsninger til bilproducenter, forbrugere og virksomheder på verdensplan. Disse inkluderer forbundne bilsystemer, AV-produkter, automationsløsninger til virksomheder samt services, der understøtter Internet of Things. Med førende brands som AKG®, Harman Kardon®, Infinity®, JBL®, Lexicon®, Mark Levinson® og Revel® er HARMAN foretrukket blandt audiofiler, musikere og på de spillesteder, hvor de optræder verden over. Flere end 50 millioner biler er i dag udstyret med HARMANs lyd- og forbundne bilsystemer. Virksomhedens softwareløsninger driver milliarder af mobile enheder og -systemer, der er internetforbundne, integrerede og sikre på tværs af alle platforme; fra arbejdspladsen og hjemmet til bilen og mobiltelefonen. HARMAN har cirka 30.000 medarbejdere i Nord-, Syd- og Centralamerika, Europa og Asien. I marts 2017 blev HARMAN et fuldt ejet datterselskab af Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.